Joe Allocco

Joe has been teaching Guitar for 35 years. He teaches all ages, all styles, and all levels. He plays all over the United States and Canada professionally as a full time musician. Joe can also teach Bass.

Joe also owns his own recording studio and can teach students how to write songs and get them recorded.

Joe will learn about the student, getting to know what they like about music and why they wanted to learn the instrument of choice. With that information, Joe will then spend time teaching all the techniques involved into accomplishing their musical dreams and goals.

The lessons contain some of the following:

  • Learning how to play songs that the student chooses.
  • Learning finger exercises to develop dexterity, coordination, and finger and hand strength.
  • Learning Chord Theory, how to play and formulate chords.
  • Learning Scale Theory, how to play and formulate scales.
  • Ear training and pitch recognition.
  • Learning how to improvise.
  • Learning how to play a Guitar Solo.

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