At Clarizio Music we address just about any situation that is brought to us. One of our biggest strengths is taking a request and making it a reality for our customers whenever possible. So if you have a project or situation that we can help with, just ask and we will do our very best to make it happen.

Music Lessons
We help make learning to read & play music an enjoyable experience. If the student wishes to just relax with music as a hobby or if their dream is to perform on the world stage. learn more

Sales: Musical Instruments, Music and Musician’s Supplies
We are the place for all your musical instrument and musician supply needs. We offer a wide range of brands for instruments, supplies and sheet music. We also have unique and vintage instruments in stock. learn more

Instrument Rentals
We offer Band Instrument rental. Rent high quality instruments with the option to buy. While your under contract all repairs are covered! Renting is an affordable alternative to purchasing, allowing your child to have an opportunity to try an instrument without making a long term commitment. learn more

Instrument Repairs
Performed by only the finest technicians and luthiers in the state. We will repair your band instruments, guitars and amp and even keyboards. All restrings and set ups are done in house and many times can be done the same day. learn more