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Kevin Stryker

My name is Kevin Stryker, I have been playing and performing music for 15 years. I play electric bass, guitar, drums, piano and multiple percussion instruments.

I have been playing in bands my entire musical life at local venues including The Count Basie Theatre, The Bitter End, The Rockwood Music Hall, The Stone Pony, Convention Hall in Asbury Park, and The House of Independents as well as many more. Currently I play regularly in multiple bands, mainly with Des and the Swagmatics from Asbury Park.

I believe music is a beautiful language we can all enjoy with a more in-depth understanding. Learning how to play an instrument equips us with a greater ability to express ourselves and the art we create with music is different from all other mediums. It is different in a way that we can convey emotion instantly with little to no explanation needed by the listener. I am grateful to be able to assist musicians in their development and very much look forward to hearing what they have to say with their instrument of choice.

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