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Electric & Acoustic Guitar

Our Electric & Acoustic guitar lessons are tailored to suit the level, goal and needs of the individual student. Designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced students, acoustic guitar lessons offer a calm and enjoyable approach to learning guitar. We work with each student’s goals and interests. Therefore, the path of learning for each student will differ from person to person, changing and evolving over time.

Students begin by acquiring some basic knowledge of notes on the fretboard, while developing their strumming technique and also learning some finger style.

As students progress through various courses and levels, they will build up an interesting repertoire, spanning many musical genres, such as folk, country, blues, rock, pop and more. We work with a variety of intermediate and advanced guitar students. Soloing, improvising, songwriting, theory, performance experience, classical technique, and recording are just some of the avenues for an intermediate or advanced student to take. We need only to get to know you to take you where you want to go!

With courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced students, the electric guitar has a different role in music than the acoustic guitar. Students will gain a general knowledge of notes on the fretboard, while developing their “guitar leads”, along with chords, and experience playing with other musicians.

In comparison to an Acoustic Guitar, the strings are lighter and easier to press down. However, there are more bells and whistles and knobs and buttons to deal with, and in order to project the sound of an electric guitar, a guitar amplifier is needed.

What are your musical goals?

Perhaps you’ve never played an instrument before and want to learn to play for fun. Maybe you’ve been playing guitar for years and have run into obstacles and barriers to understanding music theory which have prevented you from putting the pieces together and improving the way you’ve wanted to. At Clarizio Music, our instructors help students build and increase their musical skills by teaching them fundamentals which are necessary to become excellent musicians, both in understanding (theory) and in practical application (through playing an instrument). When these two areas are balanced an individual can learn to play well with good technique and confidence, and to achieve their guitar playing goals!

Classes are 30 minutes, once a week, unless students are at a higher level.

Participating students will need either an acoustic or an electric guitar to bring to class and practice on at home. Clarizio Music offers an instrument rental service, where instruments are available to rent per academic year.

The simple answer to the greatest benefit of playing guitar is that it can last forever.

As long as you play guitar, you can entertain friends and family members with songs until your fingers no longer allow you play. When that moment comes, you can simply teach everything you know to your grandchildren.

That rewired guitarist’s brain will set you up for a long life of cognitive health. You just have to remember to keep up with your playing. The same goes for the effects on stress-relief and relaxation.

Guitar playing is so much more than a hobby for those with the passion to learn and better themselves. It becomes a part of who you are and a vital link in some of the best relationships you will have.

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