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Piano Lessons in Point Pleasant, NJ

We love teaching children and introducing them to the joy of music. Lessons should be a fun and exciting event each week. In our experience, the best lessons and playing happen when we are having the best time. The goal for our students is for piano lessons to be enjoyable and relevant for each child. We look forward to developing a love for music and a journey that progresses from playing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’ to classical sonatas.

Are you looking to take piano lessons in New Jersey? Become a part of our musical family and take our Jersey Shore piano lessons at Clarizio Music. Our music school is a positive and fun environment for our musical students. We want to make sure you’re having fun while learning how to play the piano.

The Clarizio Difference:

  • Teachers to fit your unique goals. Our lessons are not “one-size-fits-all”. We strive to find the best possible teacher for you. We have teachers who specialize in lessons for children, adult beginners, advanced musicians, as well as alternative styles such as pop, rock, and jazz.
  • Performance opportunities you won’t find anywhere else such as school-wide recitals, group performance classes, and visiting artist classes.
  • Awards and Trophies for Accomplishments. We give our students the opportunity to earn special awards for milestones and accomplishments reached. We even have awards for our adult students!
  • Locally owned and operated. Our director has over two decades of music industry experience which makes us uniquely suited to help you. Students and teachers often comment on the warm community feel of our school.
  • Teachers who care. We hire only teachers who have years of experience and a true interest in their students.

Private piano or keyboard lessons are the best (and fastest) way to learn to play piano or keyboards. Our music school has instructors who specialize in keyboard and piano training for beginners, intermediates and virtuosos. Call 732-295-6644 to learn more about our keyboard and piano instruction programs.

​Accomplished pianists or keyboard players may need a little help with a difficult passage. You might want to explore playing electronic keyboards or synthesizer. Maybe you learned to play piano when you were younger, and want to brush up so you can entertain for your kids or friends. Each session will help you regain your skills, and you’ll be surprised how quickly you progress!

Keyboard Lessons for students in Brick, NJ

Do you dream of playing keyboards in a band and becoming famous like Elton John, Alesha Keys or Billy Joel? Our experienced instructors can start you on your way. In addition to traditional acoustic piano (upright, spinet, baby or concert grand), we also teach students with stationary and portable electronic keyboards.

It takes more than desire and practice to become a proficient pianist or keyboardist. You need a plan and a coach who can guide you through a series of one-on-one sessions and practicing at home. Clarizio Music has given thousands of piano lessons to Jersey Shore area kids, teens and adults for decades. Some of our talented students have become concert pianists, professional piano players – and rock band keyboard musicians.

Here are some of the skills we cover in beginning piano lessons:

  • Introduction to pianos/keyboards layout
  • Posture, hand position and note playing techniques
  • Reading sheet music: scales, sharps and flats
  • Time signatures, note and rest values
  • Right hand only – your first tune!
  • Adding the left hand for harmony
  • Scales and chords/harmony, basic arpeggios
  • Basic rhythms
  • Chord progressions
  • Finger speed and strength exercises
  • Major and minor keys, transpositions

Music lesson packages are affordable and convenient and to accommodate your busy schedule, we have lesson times available day and evening, 6 days a week.

Private keyboard or piano instruction is the best and easiest way to learn or improve your skills. You select the style of music you want to play — classical, rock, country, ragtime, jazz or blues. And you can choose from electronic keyboards or conventional pianos. One of our professional instructors will work with you to create a program designed specifically for your skill level and goals.

Point Pleasant Piano Lessons for Adults, Teens and Children

For those just starting out learning to play piano (or electronic keyboard), we begin with a basic introduction to the instrument and how it works. Beginners will need to practice some scales and chords to familiarize you with the instrument’s feel and sound, and learn the proper posture and keying technique. But our main goal is to get you playing your first recognizable tune in just a few classes!

Our private piano lessons, local to Brick, Lakewood and Manasquan, NJ provides the best results – and the best value — for our students. This enables us to give you individual attention and tailoring of the program to suit your preferences, schedule and playing skills. You will learn faster and focus on the aspects of your technique that need the most help.

Call 732-295-6644 today to discuss your current situation and goals. We’ll recommend an instructor who is a good fit for your current skill level, style of music and type of instrument you prefer.

Advanced Lessons – Point Pleasant, New Jersey

For more experienced pianists, we teach you how to play more challenging pieces – with your own interpretation and improvisation. Our advanced piano or keyboard lesson sessions also provide exercises to build up the necessary skills, strength and hand speed to master more difficult passages. The typical advanced student will have a curriculum consisting of the following topics:

  • Playing more challenging pieces
  • Advanced chords, scales and arpeggios
  • Grace notes and appoggiaturas
  • Piano intervals
  • Complex rhythms
  • Advanced fingering techniques
  • Major and minor harmonic scales
  • Interpretation and improvisation
  • Music theory and composition

Learn to Play Piano – Lessons are Best and Easiest Way!

Many aspiring keyboard or pianists spend years trying to teach themselves. The main problem with this is that you’re basically taking every lesson from someone who doesn’t know how to play the piano! Other people spend countless hours watching videos without getting much better. There’s no way a video or Internet lesson can gauge how you’re doing or adapt the session to help you through a problem you’re having.

Those strategies aren’t any fun and they’re not the best use of your time. The most reliable and fastest way to become a pianoforte virtuoso or rockin’ keyboard player is to take private piano lessons at Austin School of Music. Our professional teachers can design a lesson plan and practice sessions that are just right for you and enable you to improve your skills as quickly as possible. And when you run into difficulty (everyone does), your instructor will be right there to diagnose the problem and get you back on the right track.

Take your first step to becoming an accomplished piano player. You’re just a few classes away from being able to play music that will delight your family and friends.

The Beauty of Piano
The great thing about piano is that there is no age limit to learn to play. The beauty of our Point Pleasant piano lessons is that they teach you skills outside of the classroom. Of course, there’s plenty of benefits to playing the piano. Besides learning and enjoying the sounds of a classical instrument, you can gain confidence and even strengthen your hand muscles and brain.

Right now we are a fast growing music school allows you a conveniently local place and instructor that works well for you.

Our instructors are excited to share their knowledge and even their passion with their students. We believe that our instructors are one of the best in Austin. They will guide you and teach you to become the best musician you can be by passing their skill and passion on to you. That means learning your style of music you want to learn by having fun and rocking out! We have plenty of instructors who enjoy teaching piano.
We know once you learn your skills from piano lessons at Clarizio Music, you’ll want to show them off. The great thing is we hold performances for those students who want to get the real feel of being a musician. You’ll get to perform on stage in front of your family and friends to show off your new musical talents.
Register for Your Piano Lessons in Point Pleasant Today
Learn to glide your fingers over those beautiful black and white keys. Not only will you rock out on stage, but learn how to develop as a musician as well. Call us now to enroll in a class 732-295-6644 or contact us online to register for one of our classes today.