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Contemporary Voice Lessons

Every Contemporary Voice class consists of three main components: vocal technique, vocal coaching and performance skills. Class usually begins with an icebreaker activity to help students become comfortable with their classmates. They are taught proper vocal warm-ups to “train their instrument” and discover how the voice actually works. The coaching phase of class builds upon children’s natural vocal instincts to enhance their overall performance. The emphasis is on dynamics, phraseology, diction and conveying emotion through song reinforces essential aspects of singing. Performance skills delve into becoming comfortable on stage, developing appropriate movement and incorporating facial expressions/gestures to bring their piece to life.

Although there is a strong focus on developing the voice, Contemporary Voice classes are not solely about technical acquisition. Classes also emphasize the importance of learning to sing from your heart…they’re about forming a bond with classmates who share an interest in expressing themselves through music. It’s about learning to embrace your special qualities as a vocalist while developing as a person.

Clarizio Vocal Academy will help you find your voice and let you share it with others!​

5-9 yrs:  Date and time TBD
In this class, students are introduced to basic vocal warm ups, simple songs and performance techniques. Proper posture and breathing is taught to build a strong framework for vocalization. The primary focus for this age group is developing confidence in their vocal ability and becoming comfortable on stage while enjoying peer socialization.
​10-14 yrs: Date and time TBD
Students continue to develop vocal technique as they build their repertoire and discover what genre(s) of music they enjoy/ what type of songs compliment their voice. This class emphasizes the importance of self discovery in regard to vocal performance. They are given opportunities to experiment vocally and take risks on stage, aiding in their growth as young artists.

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